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All of your collaboration tools are right here.

Video, audio, and web conferencing, whiteboarding, presenting, training, annotating, sharing, all from OneScreen.
It's called hubware.






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  • OneScreen in any room is all you need.
  • All of your preferred collaboration tools in one simple device.
  • Collaborate like you need to, each meeting requires different tools.
  • Start more innovative, ad hoc meetings with a single touch.
  • Customize OneScreen with tools your teams will use.
  • Live-on-demand Screen Skill Guru means fewer IT help requests.
  • Easy-to-use features, from whiteboarding to on-demand video.

Web conferencing   

Use WebEx, Lync, Connect and more    
Select any conference tool from one launch screen    
Start instant, ad hoc meetings with one touch    
See and use video and content at the same time    
Execute real-time annotated feedback    
Pull in your big data… or small data    
Super-size the impact of your Webinar    
Record, save, and share work sessions    

Download OneScreen PDF     

OneScreen-h1-Meeting Web Conferencing for OS page

Web conferencing for OS page

Video conferencing

Built-in OneScreen Connect™ software codec
Also compatible with IOCOM, Polycom, Cisco and more
Single touch for instant video connection
Include up to 99 participants at once
Free-form screen sizing on video and content windows
Tablet, mobile, and laptop compatible
Face-to-face quality video with HD 1080p and 10x zoom
Adjusts to your bandwidth requirements

Download OneScreen PDF





Innovation and brainstorming

Craft big ideas with the interactive whiteboard
Brainstorm on the pen-driven copy board

Endless workspace screens, all auto-saved
Access online and on-network content
Annotate on almost anything
Record and email work sessions
Screen share in-room or intra-office
Build stronger remote team bonding

Download OneScreen PDF



 Present Train Sell Interview OS Page

Present, train, sell and interview

Super-size your day-to-day tools and apps
Load and use your own business programs
Full screen use of any Android app
Use all of your Microsoft Office tools
Open live sales analytics in real-time
Identify the best new hire candidate, face-to-face
Activate remote training participation
Change the way you look at productivity

Download OneScreen PDF


In the classroom

Annotate on almost anything
Record and email lessons and work sessions
Instantly converts freehand writing to text
Stream from built-in smart TV media
Access real-time information on your subject
Screen share with tablets
Compatible with distance learning systems

Download OneScreen PDF

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Customers Get Free Training, Free Instruction, Free Guidance!

Clary Icon customers don't have to pay for learning about OneScreen. We have specialists ready to provide live, online instruction for one customer or a full team, practically anytime. We also have team members available around the country for scheduled on-site instruction.


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OneScreen 70" Spec Sheet

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